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Healthrider was actually the company that introduced the first kind of elliptical trainer that really started the elliptical craze off back in the early 1990’s. The ability to get fit Healthrider H50e ellipticaland lose weight while doing a low intensity workout that did not put too much stress on the body really caught on fast. As a company, they have continued to produce high quality exercise training equipment. In this article we will have a look at their Healthrider H50e elliptical, and see just what you get with this machine.

With their experience and knowledge in this market, they have continued to produce exercise products that are full of quality useful features. The HealthRider H50e Elliptical is a very sturdy machine that has a commercial grade steel frame. This helps to provide the strength and durability you need from an elliptical like this, so you can get many years of use out of it.

The beauty of a well built elliptical trainer is that it can work out so many parts of your body. The Healthrider H50e elliptical certainly provides that for you, it not only gives your legs and lower body a very good workout, but also your arms, shoulder and stomach muscles will also be on the receiving end of some strenuous training. You can change the workouts around to target different areas of your body as required.

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Healthrider H50e elliptical trainer specifications

Number and variety of workout programs

Having a good selection of workout programs will help you to diversify your workout routines, which is the key to your success. There are a total of 18 different workout apps on the H50e, and they are all based around different target goals too.

You have 9 workouts that are designed for burning calories, and the other 9 are performance workouts. You are able to adjust the resistance levels within each program if you like too, as well as add your own manual programs if this is what you prefer to work too.

Healthrider H50e elliptical reviewResistance levels

As well as the 18 workout programs, you also get a total of 18 resistance levels too. This provides a range that people of all levels can work too. The toughest of the resistance levels will be too much for most people to sustain. The lower levels will allow the beginners the type of resistance they need to begin their fitness program and push themselves to reach their goals.

Pedals and stride length

The Healthrider H50e elliptical has an adjustable stride length, of 18” to 20”. This will allow you to get the best fit for yourself, and also make the machine usable for all of the family too. The pedals are oversized, and what this does is allow you to target different muscle groups by positioning your feet in different ways.

You also have a stride incline ramp feature, which has a total of five different positions. This not only allows you to get the best fit for yourself, but it will also let you target different muscle groups for some really defined results.

Fly wheel and drive

The large forward positioned fly wheel is inertia enhanced, meaning it produces a very quiet and consistent drive. This makes the workouts extremely smooth on the H50e, and also provides a very realistic stride, very close to that of a real stride. The Healthrider H50e elliptical also uses technology called Silent Magnetic Resistance (SMR), and this helps to keep the noise down to an absolute minimum, even during heavy use and when the settings are being changed.

Product dimensions

The Healthrider H50e elliptical is quite a compact machine, so perfect for using in the home. It also has transport wheels fitted to it so it can be maneuvered around when you need to store it out of the way. The actual dimensions are as follows:

  • Length = 68 inches
  • Width = 26 inches
  • Height = 67.5 inches
  • Weight capacity = 275 pounds

Control panel

The control panel on the Healthrider H50e elliptical is fairly basic and simple to use. It has a 5 inch display that utilizes a racetrack display to show you where you are on Healthrider H50e elliptical traineryour course. It also displays your time, distance, speed, calories burned and your pulse too.

The display is very easy to read, even in a bright room. You also have an iPod dock so you can plug in your iPod or MP3 player and play your music through the speakers. The sound generated by the Intermix Acoustics 2.0 sound system is actually very good, it certainly provides you with very clear sound while you workout.

iFit compatibility

The Healthrider H50e elliptical is compatible with the excellent iFit program, but you will need to purchase the wireless adaptor separately if you want to use this to its full extent. This will cost you about $120 extra.

IFit allows you to integrate with Google Maps, so you can download any course you like and workout to this. You can save and record your training sessions and then upload them to your iFit account. You will also have the voice of renowned trainer, Jillian Michaels screaming at you to keep you working hard.

Overall thoughts on the Healthrider H50e elliptical

In this price range, the H50e certainly rivals some of the best elliptical in this category. It is well built and the drive system is smooth and consistent. You get plenty of features to enhance your workouts and the fact that you have a lot of different setting adjustments you can make will only help to diversify and target your workouts so you can achieve your goals more efficiently. Overall, the Healthrider H50e elliptical is a very good quality machine, and provides good value for money.

Save $300 on HealthRider H50e Elliptical – Now Only $699

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