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Schwinn has recently started to make some very innovative new designs to add to their range of exercise bikes and elliptical trainers. One of their latest is the Schwinn 520 schwinn 520recumbent elliptical. This cross breed provides the benefits of both the recumbent exercise bike and the elliptical trainer all in one.

Also, the Schwinn 520 does not rely on digital and magnetic resistance levels like a lot of their range does, but instead it uses their unique Airdyne fan system, so you actually build up resistance based on the amount of pressure you exert. The more you exert the more the resistance goes up. This progressive system allows you to push yourself as hard as you like so you can really give yourself a hard workout if this is what you want.

The concept behind the Schwinn 520 is to give you the walking motion that an elliptical provides while also giving your back the support that a recumbent bike provides. This revolutionary system is ideal for those that want to ease of access and the support of a recumbent combined with the impact free resistance of an elliptical. Also, by using the Airdyne fan system, you are also getting a platform that allows you to really control your workouts to the resistance levels you want.

Specifications for the Schwinn 520

schwinn 520 recumbent ellipticalComfort and design

The Schwinn 520 is all about the comfort and being able to get a good solid workout without putting your body under any unnecessary strain and pressure. The padded seat will provide you with the cushioning you need for long workout sessions if this is what you want to do. The back rest will also give your lower back the support it needs for longer sessions too. If you have back problems this is an ideal machine to use.

The back support also has perforations so that your back will not get too hot and sweaty. This ventilation will help you too keep cooler during your workout sessions. The seat is also adjustable so you will be able to find the ideal position to workout in no matter what size you are. This will benefit you and the whole family if you all wanted to use it.

Pedal system

The pedal system is based around the same set up as an elliptical trainer. You have oversized foot plates to accommodate larger feet too, and there is a 14 inch footpath. This is a little different than a footpath on a regular elliptical, it does not need to be as wide do to the recumbent positioning of this bike.

The foot pedals are connected directly to the progressive fan system, so the harder you want to work the more the resistance level increases. It is a very smooth motion too, and there is no impact pressure on your feet or legs.

schwinn 520 review

Product dimensions

The Schwinn 520 is quite a solid machine, and does weight quite a bit too. The benefit of this is that the bike is very stable. It holds a weight capacity of up to 300 pounds, and even when working out hard on this bike you will not feel it wobble at all. It is fairly compact in design though, so it is not going to take up masses of space in your home, which is ideal. The dimensions are as follows:

  • Length = 62 inches
  • Width = 28 inches
  • Height = 40 inches
  • Weight = 120 pounds
  • Weight capacity = 300 pounds

User console

The user console on the Schwinn 520 is very basic. This is because you do not have all of the workout programs and resistance levels that you do on a regular recumbent Schwinn-520-5abike or elliptical trainer. There are 3 goal programs you can use, which focus on distance, time and calories. But the main benefit and resistance comes from the Airdyne fan system.

Final thoughts on the Schwinn 520

The 520 comes with the usual quality of any Schwinn equipment. The innovative new design is really going to benefit those that want to be able to work out without any impact stress to their joints and leg muscles. The bike is extremely easy to get on and off, you just need to walk through the middle as you would on a regular recumbent bike design.

The Airdyne fan system will provide you with the resistance level that you want to work too, you are not governed by a set level. Overall the Schwinn 520 is a really good exercise machine and is ideally suited for those that want a stress free workout.

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